New New Look

Ok so the theme has changed again.  The old blue one was a bit depressing and the “new” one was buggy…welcome to the new new one.  Hope you like it.

About David Roe

Thanks for visiting, my name is David Roe and this is my blog. I work for Ironworks Consulting as a technical lead/architect in our enterprise content management group. My primary focus is implementing Oracle Universal Content Server, which was formerly known as Stellent Content Server. Prior to focusing in Stellent, my work centered around .NET integrations with other content managment systems as well as content management systems built on the .NET framework. I plan on keeping this blog mostly technical in nature. I’m not really one for the Coke vs. Pepsi debates, so plan on seeing quite a bit of ”how to” content. Please feel free to download and use any of the code examples available on the site. As you might imagine none of it is supported or we need a disclaimer? I do ask that you leave any references to me or this site in the comments though.
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3 Responses to New New Look

  1. JRS says:

    I like the new new design and the smiley in the bottom corner ;)

  2. MFLucky7 says:

    your Idoc Developer Interface component, can this be used on 7.1.1 Stellent?


    • David Roe says:

      I’m not really sure to be honest…I’ve never tested it on 7.1.1. Do you want to try and let me know what you see. If you have get an error maybe I can send an update out for you