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I’ve been back from San Francisco for a couple days now.  It was a great trip, which unfortunatly for the blog, became more and more work related throughout the visit.  The first couple of days focused near entirely on the new things Oracle was doing, and the last couple were mostly focused on partner-type stuff.  Fun for me, but boring for the blog.  Despite not writing for a couple of days, I did want to wrap up my trip and see if any of my questions are answered from my orginal pre-trip post a week ago.

The Questions

Open WCM – Word on the street is that it’s close, very close actually.  In fact I think they may just be waiting for a release date.  When I arrived actually I heard it was not being demoed, but then shortly before leaving I found out it actually was on the demo grounds…doh!

ALUI – When I headed out to OpenWorld what I was hearing was that ALUi would be bundled with UCM.  That unfortunatly is not true.  There is however now a WebCenter suite, which when purchased, has licnesing for ALUI as well as a stripped down version of UCM.  The interesting thing though is that with the WebCenter suite you actually get your choice of portal; WebCenter, ALUI, WebLogic…doesn’t matter the suite gives you licensing for all of them. 

Though I like and have been mostly interested in ALUI, if there was one BEA product that Oracle seemed most interested in, it would have to be Ensamble.  Ensamble came up in just about every session I attended, in addition to the off the cuff discussions in the demo grounds and end of day activities.

My questions around WebCenter were really answered by the ALUI question.  WebCenter is still a portal, however now all the BEA portals(as well as some of the other products) can be licensed as part of the WebCenter suite.  Oracle has plans for all the portals, but strategically it’s WebCenter that they want to lead with long term.

Billy’s book – Got a copy…Got two actually as well as catching thier presentation, which was the best of the conference in my opinion.  I’ll be giving it a read and a review in the next few weeks so check back for that.


I really had a great time out at OpenWorld.  I had a great chance to meet many of you who I normally only talk to online as well as learn a thing or two about what those clever UCM folks are planning for the next year.

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  1. Aaron Romine says:

    Good to see you there again! I share your disappointment about OpenWCM ‘not’ being on the demo grounds, but apparently was. Did you get a demo? I didn’t make it out there.